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Homestay Programs In Australia!

Homestay Programs In Australia!

A homestay is a cultural exchange between an international student or visitor and a local individual or family in the host country. The “host” provides accommodation and support for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Homestays can be tailored to provide meals, all sorts of assistance and other activities. Australia is a beautiful destination, where international students can enjoy a safe and relaxed environment with abundant space and social activities.

Australian’s are good hearted, funny, sporty, friendly, and loyal people. These combinations of traits in a household will surely make your experience at a Homestay that much more amazing and enjoyable!

Here are 3 reasons why you should pick a homestay program to learn English in Australia:

#1: Settle Into The Country At Your Own Pace!

When moving/traveling abroad to study a foreign language lots of things can seem overwhelming and expensive, usually because you aren’t sure if you are getting the best price for everything or going to the safest locations. This is something you really can get a much better idea of once you are there and your two feet have touched land. Staying with a host family allows you to arrive at your destination, knowing you can count on a local to guide you through all the questions you may have, and best of all, from the comfort, convenience, and warmth of an Aussie household.

#2: Your English Studies Will Skyrocket!

Imagine studying English in Australia at a school where the English lessons take up to 4 hours of your day, you then have to go back to your apartment by yourself, arrange for your foods, arrange for your wifi, your utilities, do homework on your own, and review/practice all the new things you learned during the day. Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of that being your experience, that after school you could come back to an Aussie home that has all modern basic creature comforts, with people waiting for you with cooked meals, activities, and support for all your homework? You would save so much time, and not only that, the opportunities for you to practice your English with Native English speakers increases. Hosts love talking to their homestay students and we are sure you will have amazing conversations that allow you to improve your language skills in and outside the classroom.

#3: Become Friends With Locals & Experience The Aussie Way!

Being the new person in town is always hard, why make it any harder? When you stay with a Host family, they will welcome you into their own family and with that you will be able to partake in activities with their social group, making it much easier for you to meet new people and go on more adventures. You’ll also be able to experience the culture and learn the Aussie way of life. This could include anything from weekend trips with your host family, to dining out, going to sport events. Your host family will have all the local knowledge you lack and will guide you on all the best spots to visit and explore!

If you are interested in taking advantage of these amazing HomeStay Program opportunities, download our guide for the best International Agencies to partner with.