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Studying English in Australia? Make sure to pick the best locations!

Studying English in Australia? Make sure to pick the best locations!

If you’ve ever thought about learning English, studying in a foreign country where the predominant language is English, may have crossed your mind.


Australia is a great country to visit with excellent English Courses Available. The Australian Government also makes it simple for you to acquire a student visa, while you improve yourself and learn this amazing language. 

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With English Courses Australia we have created a Directory Resource so that you can find schools in any state across Australia, allowing you to focus on where you want your trip to take place and what you want to experience while studying abroad in Australia.


There are 2 key aspects of your travel to take into consideration when you choose your destination:

  1. Your budget, are you on a backpacker budget or are you comfortable spending more to be in a better, more unique location?

  2. Your ideal study abroad experience, are you the type of person that likes to go for outdoor or city adventures in your free time while studying, or would you rather stay in on the weekends, read a good book, and review the class material taught that week?


Open Budget Student Travelers!


If your budget is on the higher end of the spectrum and you want to experience the outdoor wonders of australia and at the same time get great education to become bilingual or multilingual, there are a few cities that should call your attention:


  • Byron Bay

This city is amazing, it has it all, from amazing sunsets, great restaurants, walks on secluded beaches, great surf spots, kayak tours, and even scuba diving tours. This city can certainly fit any personality, from people who are outdoor nuts or people who prefer to have a more relaxed time.


  • Sydney

This is city is where lots of students start their study abroad adventure, this place has tons to offer all the way from Zoo’s, Architectural and Engineering wonders, Amazing performances at the world renowned Sydney Opera House, Beautiful national parks to connect with nature and of course delicious food; with some of Australia's best restaurants. If you are a city person or an indoor type of cat yourself this city may win your heart in seconds!


  • Kiama

This city is just as versatile and intriguing as the previous ones. Here you can expect to find astonishing shopping centers and stores, brewerie and wine tour adventures, a thriving surfing community, and even year round vibrant family friendly village festivals.


Strict Budget Student Travelers!


Traveling on budget can mean sacrifices but by no means should it ever mean your travels aren’t enjoyable. In Australia there are great cities with amazing attractions, accomodation and food at affordable prices. Along with also amazing schools that will guarantee you improve your English speaking skills!


These are a few cities that should be on your radar if you are on a strict budget but still want to have an amazing time:


  • Gold Coast

This city has some drop dead attractions, If you love history here you can find great Historical sites and Heritage locations, you’ll also be amazed by the stunning National parks and other outdoor activities like Whale watching, they even have Amusement parks too. The Gold Coast is truly a one of a kind city.


  • Brisbane

Here your day will be jam packed from the start to the end of your day, with tons of city attractions and activities, in the morning you can take a tour of the city market, in your afternoon you can have amazing lunches at renowned restaurants in the city center, and after that you can head downtown to the local Museum to learn all about Australia’s history, art and more, Then to finish off your night you can take a walk around town, guided by all the fairy lights adorning your path.


  • Adelaide

This place is a history buff’s dream with plenty of attractions and cultural heritage sites. You can also find amazing architecture, food hubs at the central market, amazing flora at the nearby botanical garden, fun activities like gondola boat tours, recreational parks, and lastly but by no means the least, Conservation Parks where you can find the famous Koala’s that is Australia is known for.


To find English schools in any of the previously mentioned destinations feel free to use our free English School Directory: http://www.englishcoursesaustralia.com.au/



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